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Event management involves studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event. Post-event analysis and ensuring a return on investment have become significant drivers for the event industry.

Our expert team takes care of every minute thing and let you stay back tension free and relaxed.

We take care of:

  • Site surveying
  • Budget drafting
  • Cash flow management
  • Supply chain
  • Procurement
  • Scheduling
  • Site design


> Road Shows
The road show promotion makes a large scale reach to the target customers and helps create huge awareness of a brand with a unique style and attraction. Designed for any particular brand on large scale leaves a long lasting effect on the customers mind and convinced to buy.

We give:

  • Fabricated cantor (truck, bus)
  • Man Power promoter girls and boys
  • Anchor emcee
  • Light & Sound system
  • Entertainment (dance / celebrity / games / singer) etc


We have organised numerous exhibitions like “CONSUMER SHOPPE” in Kolhapur and Ratnagiri. “RATNA” exhibition in Ratnagiri. Exhibitions may be permanent displays or temporary, but in common usage, "exhibitions" are considered temporary and usually scheduled to open and close on specific dates. While many exhibitions are shown in just one venue, some exhibitions are shown in multiple locations and are called travelling exhibitions, and some are online exhibitions.

Trade fairs have been recognized as one of the most efficient and powerful tools for effectively doing business. As a face-to-face meeting point, fairs and exhibitions are basically a target opportunity for achieving your trade objectives covering up a huge mass of audience.

>Brand promotions
The meaning of Brand Promotions is awareness of brand to general & target customers, to make any new product or old product more popular and user friendly, Brands need to realize their full potential to become super brands that will revolutionize the industry.

Brand Promotion is safest and easier solution to answer all these question, cause any company head or corporate house cannot go and answer all these questions to general customers, to make more convenient for both corporate company & customer we designed a solution is called as BRAND PROMOTION.
Basically categorised into two canopy and walkthroughs.

We have done brand promotions of international companies like ’ING-VYSYA’. India’s famous ‘NILKAMAL FURNITURE’. ‘AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION SERVICES’ Pune.

Large-format advertising in public is a "huge" advantage when it comes to ensuring that your brand truly registers with the casual passerby. Be it a banner, a hoarding, a bus-stop ad, a glow-sign, or an indoor public display, PACE can help you both with the creation and the placement of the advertisement.

In the case of banners and hoardings, we know that they will be viewed at quite a distance, and typically for a very short time (especially in the case of hoardings). Therefore, our creative team takes care of the content, typography and graphic support on the hoarding, large images and catchy phrases that compel the buyers to remember your brand.

>T.V, Video, Radio adds
Television commercials are a very affordable and profitable advertising medium. Discover the key ingredients you need to have for a successful TV commercial. Also, Radio when done correctly, is a fabulous advertising medium that can truly capture the imagination, build a brand and lead to a sale. Learn the seven tips for radio advertising success. We help your brand flourish using both these medias at very affordable quality with the assurance of good quality.

>All kinds of printing and designing
We provide a full range of design, printing and photographic services. We also provide editorial support to through our Publications team and a range of other communication materials. Print & Design combines four previous services - Reprographics, Print Unit, Publications and the Bute Photographic Unit.

Our staff are highly experienced and are therefore an invaluable resource who will give you the best in the industry.

>Indoor & Outdoor adds.
The range of outdoor and indoor advertising products offered by us is widely used for various promotional and advertising activities. We specialize in the field of customization and offer the exact design of the display as specified by our consumers. These products are known for their visual-appeal, longer shelf life and economical prices. The outdoor and indoor advertising products available with us are light in weight and can be installed easily.

We deal in advertising boards, Hoarding, rollup banners, canopy chairs, display tents, advertising tents, product promotions, outdoor advertising tents, commercial tents, glow sign boards, foam banners, flex banners, fancy signage boards, neon sign boards and many more.

Wedding Planners

A wedding day is one of the most special and exciting occasions in one’s life, and one strives to make it a memorable event, from start to finish. GT Adds will help you make this day special by making your dream wedding come true. Our team with their unique ideas can create for you a theme which combines both traditional and contemporary decor designs from Wedding Stages and Mandaps to Wedding Arches and Floral designs.
We believe in creating “Excellence” and bring this word into reality by our work. We cater modern as well as contemporary styles of weddings as per your requirements.

>Birthday’s and Marriage Parties
We also organise birthday’s and marriage parties, according to your custom design, budgets and arrangement.

Our aim is to make your special day a perfect reflection of your style and taste while minimizing your stress in planning. We spend time to find out what you envision your marriage to be, no dream too vast, every detail vital, to make it uniquely yours. We strive to exceed your expectations while working within your budget.

We also offer specialised choreography services. Choreography is the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or both are specified. Choreography may also refer to the design itself. We have a group of professional artists and dancers for event performances and parties.

Your party space is a blank canvas waiting to come alive with party decorations. Colour your party decor by arranging tufts of cool, decorating fabrics over a canopy. Tie colourful, party balloons to the corners. Protect chairs and tables with chair covers and white satin fabric.

Themed Party Decor, Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas, Bridal Shower & Wedding Party Decorations, Prom & Event Decor are our specialities.

>Catering Services
Gt Adds diligently serves you with all your catering needs whether wedding parties, corporate meetings, Steamer parties, Birthday parties or Cocktails with the best food ever, special cuisines and dishes of your choice. The discerning host or hostess can know with certainty that his / her impeccable personal taste will permeate any event.

We offer full off-premise catering services for both families and businesses. We are specialized in offering quality meals prepared by using fresh local ingredients of best quality.